Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The one man who can save the Cavs from extinction

If your Dan Gilbert millions of questions must be racing through your head as you try to contemplate the future of your dwindling franchise. After making NBA history by losing twenty-five games in a row something must be done.
Obviously the Cavs need to make a trade for two reasons. They lack sufficient talent to compete and they must use the trade exception from the Lebron James deal by July or else it expires.

But what else can they do to right their sinking ship? Should they fire Byron Scott? Would that change anything? Probably not.  They seem to be playing hard under Scott especially considering all the injuries they have had, but just don’t have the talent to close out games.
Gilbert and the Cavs need to make a big splash and the best way to do that is for them to fire their current GM Chris Grant, and go after Kevin Pritchard as hard as they can. Grant has had lots of experience in NBA front offices and has also previously been an assistant GM. But with their current situation the Cavs need a GM who is proven and tested.

Kevin of course won’t be attracted to their current situation, but he might be attracted to Gilbert’s fat wallet. Gilbert shouldn’t let this opportunity slip away. He needs to set up a meeting with Pritchard and bring a blank check along with a contract saying he won’t take no for an answer.

If Gilbert gives him a long-term deal then he could reshape the franchise. Pritchard knows talent like few in the NBA do. Just look at the Blazers. They have two of their starters injured and still are on track to make the playoffs. What other teams can say that? Prichard made smart moves throughout the years especially in the draft. For example, he traded Zach Randolph’s huge contract in the 2007 draft, and got the rights to Nichols Batum in 2008 who was just a 19-year-old prospect at the time, and had only played a year in Europe. He was able to get a great back up center in Marcus Camby and even convinced him to sign an extension with the Blazers, a team he didn’t want to play for when he was initially traded at the deadline last year.

The guy’s resume speaks for itself and he would eventually make the Cavs a contender just as he did with the Blazers. Can you imagine a legitimate Cavs and Heat rivalry in the next few years? What NBA fan wouldn't want to see that? It's possible with Pritchard at the helm.

The trade deadline is two weeks away and this might be the best time for the Cavs to use their trade exception and get some solid talent on their roster. If they can work out a deal to hire Pritchard before the trade deadline, he could help them make some interesting moves. Lets face it, his potential hiring would be the best news the Cavs have had all season.

Cavs fans deserve better than what they’ve been sold this season. It’s time for Gilbert to call in the surgeon and get Pritchard to stop the bleeding and resuscitate this lifeless team, otherwise they will go into a coma for many years to come and may never wake up.

So now Mr. Gilbert the ball is in your court. Do you have the balls to make the biggest front office move of the season?

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